Research and Publications

Research and Publications

We are proud to host some of the nation’s leading researchers as we help scholars understand the foundations for different aspects of entrepreneurship. Following are are some of our most recent publications:

- The Entrepreneurial Law Clinic Handbook

George W. Kuney & Brian Krumm. West Academic, 2012.

- Risk Bias and the Link Between New Venture and Post-Entry International Growth.  A. N. Kiss, D. W. Williams & S. M. Houghton. International Business Review, 2013.

- Opportunity Evaluation as Rule-Based Decision Making.  M. S. Wood & D. W. Williams. Journal of Management Studies, 2013.

- External Innovation Ecosystem Analysis  Joy Fisher and Alex Miller, e-book published June, 2012.

- The Road to Riches? A Model of the Cognitive Processes and Inflection Points Underpinning Entrepreneurial Action.  M. S. Wood, D. W. Williams & D. Gregoire.  Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012.

- Using Tournaments to Reduce Agency Problems:  The Case of Franchising.  W. Gillis, E. McEwan, T. R. Crook & S. Michael.  Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2011.

- Are We There Yet? An Assessment of Research Design and Construct Measurement Practices in Entrepreneurship Research.  T. R. Crook, C. L. Shook, L. M. Morris & T. M. Madden.  Organizational Research Methods, 2010.

- A Review of Current Construct Measurement in Entrepreneurship.  T. R. Crook, C. L. Shook, T. M. Madden & L. M. Morris.  International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 2010.

- The Impact of Family Representation on CEO Compensation.  J. G. Combs, C. Penney, T. Russell Crook & J. Short. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2010.

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