Business Plan Resources

Business Plan Resources

“Startup:  The Complete Handbook for Launching a Company for Less” by Elizabeth Edwards


The Entrepreneurial Venture” by William Sahlman & Howard Stevenson
Readings on all facets of entrepreneurship, including innovation, valuation, attracting stakeholders and financing, managing growth and harvesting

“Business Plans that Win $$$: Lessons from the MIT Enterprise Forum” by Stanley Rich & David Gumpert
Clear and straightforward advice on how to write an effective business plan.

“Business Plans for Dummies” by Paul Tiffany & Steven Peterson
Not just for dummies, this readable reference covers all the aspects needed to create a clear and comprehensive business plan.

“The Complete Guide to Running and Growing Your Business” by Andrew Sherman
Provides practical advice concentrating on the legal and contractual issues involved in starting and growing a business.

“New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century” by Jeffrey Timmons
Topical overview of recognizing new opportunities and creating new businesses.

Article: Sahlman, William A., “How to Write a Great Business Plan”, Harvard Business Review, July-August 1997