Vol Court Archive – Fall 2012

Video 9/25/12 Session 1: 

  • Overview of the revised program
  • Entrepreneurial Living Learning Community pitches
  • Aron Beierschmitt and William Milam talk about their start-ups

Video 10/2/12 Session 2:

  • Ken Woody presents part 1 of the Business Model Canvas

Video 10/9/12 Session 3:

  • John Morris presents part 2 of the Business Model Canvas

Video 10/16/12  Session 4:

  • Joey Natour and Seth Elliott (DineTouch) talk about the “pivot”

Video 10/23/12  Session 5:

  • Chris Miller talks about finding the right capital at the right time

Video 10/30/12  Session 6:

  • Shawn Carson talks about how to do an effective pitch

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