Volunteer to Help

Volunteer to Help

Because of our broad outreach, there are many ways to engage with both students and start-ups via the Anderson Center.  Following are some of the ways:


Provide Guidance to Start-Ups

Many of our student or faculty teams and start-ups need advice in a myriad of areas, from problem solving to industry knowlege to help with networking (and more!).  Do you have experience that can benefit people trying to start new businesses?

  • For student-based start-ups, contact Tom Graves (tgrave10@utk.edu; 865-974-6131)
  • For UT technology-based start-ups, contact Joy Fisher (joy.fisher@utk.edu; 865-974-0520)
  • For helping start-ups in our community, volunteer at ETRAC (East Tennessee Regional Accelerator)


Speak at a Class

Students benefit greatly from hearing directly from people who have experience in starting up a company, and it provides an incredible networking opportunity for them.  It also gives you the ability to directly meet our best and brightest.  You never know what may evolve in the future!


Provide Services to Start-Ups

We are always looking for professional service providers (legal, accounting, marketing, public relations) who want to help student teams or start-ups as a way to “give back.”  It’s an investment that can reap returns — helping a start-up for free can often turn it into a long-term, profitable customer!

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